Best Cheap Gaming Laptop Recommendations 2023

With so many cheap gaming laptops on the market today, many consumers want a gaming laptop with a minimalist budget but powerful performance. And here are 5 recommendations for the best entry level gaming laptops 2023!

HP Victus FA0011TX

First there is the Victus 15 FA0011TX, one of the entry level victus laptops that arguably brought big changes in its day with upgrades here and there, including a screen that is already 144Hz. This laptop also has a minimalist design for the gaming laptop class according to me, on the cover there is only the victus logo which is glossy black, the rest is clean.

For performance matters, this laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 12500H CPU with a configuration of 12 cores 16 threads that has a boost clock up to 4.5GHz, which is known to have a really fast performance for the Intel Core i5 class.

And when we stress test the temperature at full load is at 72 degrees Celsius! nice. The gaming performance is also still relatively okay, games like farcry, shadow of the tomb raider can be stable above 50 an fps. While for competitive games it is safe above 150 an++ fps. For the price, the last time we checked on Tokopedia, it was in the range of 12 million 99 thousand rupiah, down quite a lot compared to last year when we reviewed it.

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 15IAH7

Next, another laptop option with similar specs to the i5 12500H RTX 3050, there is the Lenovo ideapad Gaming 3 15IAH7, a laptop that in its day, had quite a massive change compared to the previous generation Ideapad gaming 3, the feel looks like a legion but a lite version, especially in terms of exhaust.

The CPU GPU is the same as the HP Victus FA0011TX which means the performance is also similar, the most different point is the display, already 165Hz plus 100% sRGB, so for gaming it will feel smoother and the colors will come out, in fact, the color gamut coverage is wide right, so it’s better.

Plus, the cooling system also looks more advanced in this ideapad gaming 3. Wells, this also finally makes a decent price gap, about 1 million difference, if the victus was at 12 million, now the ideapad gaming 3 is at 13.7 million.

MSI GF63Thin 12VE

Speaking of 13 million laptops, there is actually 1 laptop that might be your choice in this price range, namely the MSI GF63 Thin 12VE 2023. A laptop that really focuses on pursuing GPU performance.

Specifically, the CPU uses Intel Core i5 12450H, a 12th gen intel CPU which is indeed below i5 12500H in performance with a considerable gap. But when we tested it, it was still going up to be paired with the RTX 4050 GPU on this laptop.

When it comes to design, it’s actually more of a preference, just in terms of looks, old school, and classic anyway, in the style of a laptop 3-4 years ago gf63 thin. Wellh for gaming performance, it looks impressive too, this laptop in its price class, like F1 2022 in the High preset can get 126 avg fps, this is our real test, for those who want to check the full video is above.

Acer Nitro 5 AN515

Furthermore, there is also a laptop that focuses on price to performance as well, there is the Acer Nitro 5 AN515. In style, this laptop honestly looks typical of the Acer Nitro style of its era. items with red accents like that with a fairly bulky form factor.

In terms of specifications, this laptop uses Intel Core i7 11800H, plus RTX 3050Ti GPU, which is not the most recent, but according to me and the experience of several teams that still use Intel gen 11 H series, it is still comfortable for daily use or gaming. Furthermore, for gaming performance, games like CoD Warzone, it’s still safe in the 90s fps range on average.

And for the price, it’s really interesting, when we checked on Tokopedia, this laptop is sold at a price starting from 12.8 million rupiah. Very good right!

Axioo Pongo

Lastly, there is a local gaming laptop brand that 3 months ago was really hype in the Indonesia market, namely Axioo Pongo 5. A local gaming laptop that is quite shocking to the Indonesian laptop world, not only because of its anti-mainstream specifications, but because of their courage to also decide to enter the gaming laptop segment which is a very crowded market.

For the main specifications, what we recommend in this video is the Intel Core i5 11400 desktop CPU, desktop you know, not laptop, the configuration is 6 cores 12 threads and boost clock up to 4.4GHz.

Why did I choose to recommend this one, because in terms of raw power, potential performance, as far as the testing I did, the i5 version has greater potential than the i7 which seems limited.

Furthermore, for gaming performance, games like Hogwarts Legacy, on medium 1080P settings, the average fps is in the range of 70s fps. which when we check, in many scenarios, it turns out that the gaming performance is similar to the Omen 16 C0092AX laptop which has a price class above this laptop.

In addition to normal gaming scenarios, we also tested this laptop with the 3DMark stress test scenario, specifically Fire Strike Extreme, which unfortunately the results were only in the 95% range, with a power draw of up to 203W during the stress test.

Yep, performance stability must be recognized as a side that Axioo must improve in this kind of laptop, so that its heat management is more okay and provides a smooth and stable performance experience.


Well that was the 5 gaming laptops of Pemmzchannel’s choice in the 12-13 million price range in July 2023, hopefully one of them can be an option for those of you who are looking for a gaming laptop in that price range, have an opinion about this? comment directly below!

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